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Wolf watching day 3 (morning)

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We awoke to snow and warmer temperatures on Sunday–9 degrees. Toasty. We packed up the car and headed through Cooke City, Silver Gate and into the park in search of wolves and bears.

Cooke City by early morning light.

Cooke City mountains.

Another view from Cooke City.

Silver Gate. I wish we had a little cabin here.

I’ll just say right now that we didn’t see any wolves on Sunday; just the two from the Agate pack the day before. We stopped at many a pullout and glassed the hills. I’ll also say right now that we weren’t the most dedicated of wolf watchers. We ran into a group of folks who had heard the signal from the radio collars of some wolves. But since it was cold, no visibility and snowing, so we just kept moving.

Guess you don’t need a caption to know what you’re looking at here.

Do you see any wolves?

Snowy bison

Chuck watching elk.

Big boy from the night before.

Itchy back.

Heather is exhausted after the .5 mile hike to Wraith Falls.

Recovered, Heather admires Undine Falls.

The Mammoth Terraces. Turns out Heather has never walked around the terraces, so we thought it was about time.


Aren’t we colorful? Don’t be jealous of my neck gaiter.

Heather left to head over to Cody for the night and I went for a little hike up Rescue Creek. Pictures from that to come.

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