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Wolf watching day 2

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There are going to be a lot of pictures in this post. A lot. Don’t look if you don’t like pictures of majestic animals in scenic splendor. Don’t look.

So, you’re going to look? You were warned.

Car thermometer as we got ready to leave our motel in Cooke City.

Fuzzy bison.

Wolf food.

Immature red tailed hawk. We think.

Slough Creek

Sage above Slough Creek.

Heather glassing for wolves.

Another hawk in a tree in front of a lovely mountain.

Mules on the road. Not the wildlife we were expecting to see.

With their escort.

Reunited with the wrangler they ran away from the night before.

Fox or coyote tracks.

More elk. Where are the wolves?

Heather learns something.

Elk above the Huckleberry tuff. When the area blew up long ago a lot of ash covered the area. It was compacted and turned into these rocks.

Hairy woodpecker, or perhaps downey.

Hairy or downey? Hairy woodpeckers have bigger bills, but I have nothing to compare it to.

Warmed up and time for a little walk.

Big boy.

Fall colors. Nice to see a little fall this year. Seems like it went from summer to winter overnight.

Chasing girls. Still no wolves.

Cute calf.

Bighorn sheep.

Climbing rocks.

We decided when it hit 20F it was warm enough to get into the Boiling River.



Above the Boiling River.

Getting ready to get into the water.

Getting in…quickly.

Yeah! Soaking in the warmth.

The Boiling River

The pool we spent 2 hours soaking in.

Dainty little coyote.

Mailbox in the wilderness.


Finally we saw a couple wolves through this guy’s scope. They were a couple miles away and we didn’t even have time to set up our scope before they slipped over the ridge.

Soda Butte Creek.

Heather takes a photo.


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