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Willow Ranch Outfitters

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Friends of ours recently purchased an outfitting company called Willow Ranch Outfitters. They will take you and your friends or family hunting, fishing or horse packing. Peter and Brooke are awesome folks and their horses are oh so pretty.

(I stole some tiny photos from their site…that’s how it goes on the internet sometimes…)

Norwegian Fjord horse in Montana wilderness.

Hunting isn’t really my thing, but if it is yours, you should go on one of their trips. Even if you don’t want to hunt, you should go on one of their trips. Why? Because the places they go are drop-dead gorgeous (you won’t actually drop dead on one of their trips). You get to ride a horse, stay in a super comfy wall tent and have someone cook you delicious meals. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Just slightly nicer than my backpacking tent. If there was a cute Malamute in there it would be the perfect place.

Now that I am taking horseback riding classes, this sounds like an amazing adventure.

Here is what they say about the business:

Operating for over 30 years, Willow Ranch Outfitters has created hundreds of hunters, fishermen and families a true Montana wilderness experience. Outfitted by the legendary Storrs Bishop, Willow Ranch is one of the last outfitted hunting camps in the area. Willow Ranch offers quality Montana elk hunts and full service fly fishing trips throughout South Central Montana.

Our big game hunting and fly fishing services are done with the highest skill, passion and respect for the unique resources of the landscape. We pride ourselves on the friendliest, highest quality guides and camp staff in Montana. We believe in a well-rounded experience for all our guests. Not only will you see big game, big fish and big skies; you will also enjoy our camps, boats, and guides. Your guides and staff will help you experience a big game, fair chase hunt or fly fishing experience of the highest caliber!

Willow Ranch’s hunting terrain is one of a kind, located in the heart of the Taylor-Hilgard Basin of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. In our outfitted area you will find resident and migratory elk from Yellowstone National Park and you have a good chance of seeing LARGE bulls!

In the summer, our clients experience full service fly fishing trips on the famed freestone rivers, spring creeks, and lakes of Montana. You will be hard pressed to find a more majestic, wild or magical hunting or fly fishing experience anywhere.

With Willow Ranch Outfitters, you will get the best hunting and fly fishing trip of your life – a trip of a lifetime and a true Montana wilderness experience.

Montana is pretty.

Now get out of here and go book your trip. Go shoot something. Tell your friends! These people have a baby and need the income…plus it would be an amazing trip. Tell them Melynda sent you. Now git!

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