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What’s up?

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Have you been asking yourself, “What has the Coble-Harrison clan been up to lately?”.


Too bad, here it is.

6.24.09 Farmer’s Market. Bigger and better this year with more produce, more vendors, more crazy kids and fish tacos. The 5 and under crowd has been storming the dance floor and getting their groove on while their parents try to keep track of them. The lazier parents (me) sit in the grass with their friends and watch it all unfold (and loosely monitor their babies).

6.25.09 Retirement party for one of my co-workers. Our whole gang headed over the hill to Bozeman to celebrate 30 (ish?) years of service to MSU News Service.

6.26.09 The boys and I went to the poorly-named “Touch A Truck” event in Bozeman. A fire engine, police car, ambulance, school bus, tow truck and a few other vehicles were parked in the Bozeman Swim Center parking lot. A lot of little kids swarmed around and climbed in and on the vehicles.

Anders spent about 45 minutes being scared, so I carried him around (with Finn in the backpack, of course). As we were about to leave he lost all fear and I could hardly get him out of the fire truck. We spent a little time at the new dinosaur park before heading back to Livingston.

That evening H’s parents came over for the Art Walk. We ate out and then strolled through downtown.

6.27.09 Baby shower for my friend, Jessica, in the morning. I laughed harder than I have in a long time. It was so much fun. That afternoon we went to a birthday party for 3-year-old Logan at the park. BBQ, bubbles and climbing on tractors. (Don’t leave your giant riding lawn mowers out if you don’t want my kid to climb on them…)

6.28.09 Chico Hot Springs in the morning and a dog walk up Emigrant Gulch. Then H’s parents came over in the afternoon and stayed for fish tacos.

6.29.09 Flagging certification course in the morning. (A ridiculous hoop we have to jump through for our volunteers for the Bozeman Classic. That’s the race I organize (60) volunteers and donations for.) Big H and Mogie were gracious enough to sit through the 3 hour training. H and the boys met us in Bozeman and we all went out to lunch.

6.30.09 Just work, phew!

I didn’t take any pictures of these fun events, but in my next post I’ll fill you in on the last couple days and dazzle you with photos of cowboys roping steer, kids being cute and farmers marketing.

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