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Water park and presents

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While in Billings, we stayed at the Big Horn Hotel because they have a super fun indoor water park.

If it seems extravagant to go to a water park and spend the night in a hotel for a four-year-old’s birthday, I agree. But, we’ve been talking about checking out this water park for a year or so. Lining it up with Anders’ birthday seemed to work out well (and we didn’t have to host a birthday party ;) )

The Reef Indoor Water Park turned out to be so fun. After the initial shock at the overstimulating atmosphere, we all had a great time. Anders was a little nervous at first, but Finn dove in couldn’t get enough. It didn’t take long for Anders to join in. Henry, mom and I loved riding the big waterslides.

The wave pool and stairs to the big slides.

The next morning we celebrated Anders’ birthday over waffles at the hotel breakfast and opened presents in mom’s room. (You can tell it’s her room because the beds don’t look like they’ve been jumped on.)

Finn welcomes us to mom’s room.

Opening presents.

Anders kicks back while opening a gift. Finn supervises.

What the?!!?

My buddy

Anders reads to us.

This is what happens when two boys who don’t watch TV, get to watch TV after a big night at the water park.

Wait until you see the cake I made.

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