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Wade Lake camping trip

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We went camping last weekend. We took lots of photos. We always take a lot of photos, but we went overboard (even for us). Photos take a long time to resize, adjust and upload. No time for words. Check out Henry’s blog for description.

I will say this, there were A LOT of mosquitoes, but we had a great time anyway.

The Big Tent. Look at 100lb Rigby for scale

Playing in The Big Tent

Throwing rocks in the lake.


change of focus


rainy day

Cute dog on a hillside


meadow rue


Wade Lake. Seriously beautiful.

Finn chomps a pine cone (Doug-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii) in the backpack.

Hanging out around the campfire.

Daddy and little boy.

Sunday morning stroll in the woods.

Wade Lake from above.

Silky phaecelia

One of my favorites: Calypso orchid

One of my favorites: Rigby dog

Pausing briefly and being totally devoured by mosquitoes.

Cliff Lake

Rocky outcrop above Cliff Lake

Rigby on lock-down after crunching on the bones of something at an uninhabited campsite. Please keep your campsites clean, you never know when a sweet, but carcass-driven dog will arrive, followed by his poor best friend who has to walk all the way over there with a baby on her back and then crawl up a steep bank to get back to the road.

Cliff Lake

After our morning hike we jumped in the truck as quickly as possible to escape the swarms and headed to West Yellowstone. We visited the Grizzly Discovery Center and discovered a zoo…of people.

Bear watching

“What the heck is going on here?”

Sleepy wolf.

Our new couch. We had to rearrange some furniture to fit it in, but it is worth it.

41 photos. I think you get the picture of how our weekend went.

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