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Volunteering at a young age

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Everyone has something to offer. Everyone can help. Whether you are 15 months or 150 years old, there is a way to help out in the world. (Ok, maybe if you are 150 you are off the hook, but I hope the first 100 years were productive.)

Anders, Finn and I have been volunteering at the Stafford Animal Shelter. We go a couple times a month, drop off some dog treats or other requested supplies and help socialize the kitties.

(We tried working with the dogs on our first visit, but after a dog jumped up on the cage, barking wildly, and scared the living daylights out of Anders, we’ve had to avoid the canines.)

Cats are more adoptable if they are comfortable around people, and specifically kids. We play with them, groom them and give them a crash course on tolerating little hands. And I get a little cat time, which I miss in my doggy world.

Trying to entice the cats to play.

This calico is keeping her eye on Finn.

The boys enjoy playing with the cat toys as much as they like playing with the cats. (The tv looks weird in this photo, but it looks normal in real life. The cats get to watch and listen to birds.)

Finn brushes the cat.

Here is the kitty I want to take home. I love him.

Finn is generally a pretty smiley dude, but the cats really bring it out in him.

Anders entertaining my fave cat. His name is Blaze, but I’ll change it when I bring him home… I mean I WOULD change it IF I brought him home.

Looky, looky we made it onto the home page of the Stafford Animal Shelter. Finn is famous!

1 thought on “Volunteering at a young age”

  1. Your favorite kitty is gorgeous!!! I have to love his eyes and markings plus he is making your Finn laugh somehow!

    I say he needs a new home. After I made the decision it was not that hard to get him in the truck. Heh heh.

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