Virginia is for parents who have a babysitter -

Virginia is for parents who have a babysitter

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While my mom was in town, Henry and I dashed off to Virginia for four days. He went to school in Lexington and a college friend was getting married there. It was the first time that we both left the kids for any length of time…and it was fun.

Henry took a few photos of the wedding, which I apparently did not. You can see his trip pics over here.

It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful spot. And fun to meet/reconnect with some of Henry’s friends.

Before the wedding, Henry showed me around Lexington and around Washington and Lee University.

Downtown Lexington

The church where Robert E. Lee’s horse is buried.

At his old stomping grounds.

After a couple days in Lexington we stopped by Henry’s cousin’s place in Grottoes. It’s near the World’s Oldest Show Cave, but we didn’t go there. We did get to hang out with Leah, her husband Joey, and her sister Greta. And that was really fun.

Looking pretty confident on the slackline.

Leah, Henry, Joey and Greta

We continued on to Henry’ sister’s house. It was so great to see Susannah, Will, Harrison and Colton. We didn’t have nearly enough time with them before flying out the next morning, but I’m glad we were able to get together for a bit.

Living in the paradise that is Montana, I always find it a little surprising that there are other places that are just as lovely–in their own way. Virginia is one of those places; green, soft, and lots and lots of trees.

A very quick stop in Shandendoah National Park

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