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The Long Term Business of Owls

UNDER A CRYSTAL CLEAR NIGHT SKY, I stepped out of the Owl Research Institute (ORI) fieldhouse — not far from the little town of St. Ignatius, Montana, on the edge of the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge — to gaze at the stars. To my left, a great horned owl hooted in the darkness. Another replied …

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Artist Palette in Death Valley

Almost home in Death Valley

We’re almost home in Death Valley. About an hour before dawn each morning, the coyotes go nuts. Yipping, howling, and singing the sun awake. An owl joins in with its “hoo hooo!,” helping drag the day into existence. I step out of our camper leaving my two boys asleep and enjoy the coolness of a …

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So, I am doing a cleanse/detox/elimination diet this week. I feel kind of funny talking about it because, who really cares what someone else is eating? And, yet… My dear friend Shannon Nickerson is a health and wellness coach. She’s someone who really knows her stuff and when she offers something like this at such …

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I’m on the Oboz Trail Team!

I am super excited to announce (way after the fact) that I am part of the 2015 Oboz Trail Team! Nearly 100 people applied, and 16 were chosen. Lucky me! What is Oboz? What’s the Trail Team? Most basically, Oboz makes hiking shoes and boots. And they are based over the hill in Bozeman, Montana. …

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