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Traveling Mel stats

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Did you know that if you type “otter jump. prostitute boat race. and more. Hide Description” into Google, my blog comes up third? Neither did I, but these are the types of things I find out when I check my stats.

I know that 200-400 people read this each day. Who and why I cannot answer.

I know that this post has received 1354 hits. And this one has had 1216 hits.

People often find this site by searching for “scotch tape for mosquito bites”, “Angela well hot spring”, or “forest service cabin ski”.

At least once, folks have arrived here while searching for “how cheap is the patagonia store in dillon montana”, “caboose art cilp”, “ugly tile shower jobs”, and “how to make confederate ale”. I doubt they found what they were looking for. Well, we did have an ugly shower.

So, if all you folks out there are reading this (I can see your IP adresses, I know you’re there), why do I get so few comments?

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