Thermopolis {Tepee Hot Pools, State Park} -

Thermopolis {Tepee Hot Pools, State Park}

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My mom is here for a visit and we decided to take her to the best-named-town in Wyoming — Thermopolis.

It’s like a mini-Yellowstone out here, except way, way less people. And since the blue skies are broken up with rain storms throughout the day, we are happy to have hot spring pools, water slides, dinosaur museums, and a cozy cabin to play in.


Turned out two of the three(ish) routes into Thermopolis were closed. The Wind River Canyon was covered in mud slides from all the rain, and the Big Horn Mountains were so snowy, they closed the road. Luckily, we took a different route and got to see many of the towns listed on public radio: Greybull, Lovell, Worland…. It was five hours of roadtripping fun!

Lunching in Lovell.

Wyoming has big skies, too.

Our little cabin, the “Bear’s Den” in the Eagle RV Park.

Hellie’s Teepee Pools

It’s like a trip back in time here. And by that, I mean this place is a little dated. But, I love that about it. The two water slides are really fun once you master your technique (only let the bottom of your feet and shoulder blades touch. Sidenote: this is a great core workout). The boys couldn’t hold themselves up in this fashion, so they didn’t go very fast, but we still had a blast. It’s funky and fun.

Finn on the indoor slide.

Mom bombs down the outdoor slide.

Warming up in the hot tub.

Spa time.

Hot Springs State Park

The Tepee pools are inside Hot Springs State Park. There are also terraces that look like they belong in Yellowstone, playgrounds, lawns and picnic tables, trails, a bridge over the Big Horn River, and more. We spent the evening wandering around.

The State Bathhouse from the terraces.

Cruising the boardwalks, just like Yellowstone.

The writing on the hill says, “World’s Largest Mineral Springs.”

Crossing the Big Horn on the suspension bridge.

Swollen, muddy, Big Horn River.

That’s the first day…See our second day’s adventures here.

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