There's a New Baby in the House -

There’s a New Baby in the House

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It’s been reported that People magazine paid $14 million for pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins.

We were waiting for a similar offer–to donate to charity, of course–but thus far none has materialized. Our first baby was pretty darn cute, so I was sure the offers would pour in. We would have accepted $7 million since there is only one.

Due to the lack of communication from the gossip rags, you get to see our baby for free! What a deal.

Here are the stats for the data freaks:
Name: Finn Coble Harrison (Henry wins)
Sex: male
Due date: 8.8.08
Actual arrival date: 8.19.08
Time: 3:29 pm
Where: At home in Livingston
Weight: 9lbs 2oz (ouch! that’s bigger than Anders)
Length: 23 inches
Head circumference: 13 7/8 inches
Chest circumference: 14 inches
Apgar score: 10/10
Favorite color: blue
Interests: sleeping, eating, jerking arms around (80s dance moves)
Favorite dog: Rigby (and Diesel, too)

And the pictures:


We lit a 17 hour candle (thanks to Genevieve who gave it to us before Anders was born–we forgot to light it last time) when I went into labor.

Here he is–Finn Coble Harrison. A little squishy, a little red…
Finn gets a check-up

After 45 minutes or so and a whole lot of eating, Finn got a little check-up from our midwife, Stacey. Everything looks good.

Stacey weighs the new baby.
Finn rocks

Finn rocks the sleepy time.

We’ll take some less fuzzy pictures today.

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