The start of spring -

The start of spring

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It’s been more than taking walks and and soaking in hot springs around here; we’ve had a busy start to spring.

I had a bunch of blog posts planned, but instead I am just going to throw a bunch of pictures up here.

The boys and I attended a fundraiser for Steve Bullock — Montana gubernatorial candidate.

Kinetic sculptures created by kinetic boys.

Swinging at the park on a lovely day.

I made some echinacea tincture in an attempt to keep away the sickies that have been plaguing us this winter.

We’ve been playing with friends at the library.

We took a day to check out the art museum in Billings.

The boys were a little bored at the museum. I thought the quilts behind him were pretty cool, though.

We’ve been wearing fun pants.

Playing at the park at Lake Elmo (no relation to the little red monster).

Lake Elmo.

The boys took a couple art classes at the Livingston Center for Arts and Culture.

We can’t get enough of the Children’s Museum.

I’m dreaming of a garden…

Baby broccoli

Anders has been working on his personal style.

Finn likes to measure the dog.

Now you are all caught up.

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