The Purple Beast -

The Purple Beast

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We bought a new truck on Friday. A big, purple, diesel monster. And we can’t drive it.

We’ve been looking around for a bigger, diesel truck to pull the 5th wheel we one day intend to buy. We’ve been looking a little more desperately since we sold our Tundra last week. Thank goodness Mogie and Big H lent us their car for a bit so I could get to work.

But, the guy we bought the truck from had a loan on it. We paid it off, but apparently it takes a week or so for the bank to clear the lien. Until then, we can’t register it and the State of Montana frowns on you driving around a truck without plates. So, it sits in front of our house, looking huge and purple, with no one to drive it.

Yes, I do look like a badass driving this.

We leave on Wed. for a two-week camping trip, but we won’t be leaving in our new truck. Still, we are oh so happy to be making progress on our dream to live and travel in a 5th wheel. Now, if only the house would sell….

If you want to know, it is a 2005 Dodge 2500. Diesel, manual (yay!), 8 foot bed and blah, blah, blah.

** We’ll be converting that bad boy to waste veggie oil, soon, so don’t be too worried about our carbon footprint.

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  1. It does get better mileage than the Tundra. Something like the low 20s versus about 17 mpg on the highway. I’m sure it will be a different story when we are pulling a 5h wheel.

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