The perils of plastic -

The perils of plastic

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My family and I were ordering at one of our favorite restaurants the other night. As always, I started the list with, “two kids drinks in regular glasses, no straws.” We ordered a couple of macaroni and cheeses, a salad and a burger, and then I repeated, “two kids drinks in regular glasses, no straws.”

When the food came and the glasses were made of glass and straw-free, I thanked the waitress. I pulled out a couple of metal straws and slid them into the boys’ glasses and watched them slurp milk.

It doesn’t always work out that way; it seems that plastic cups and plastic straws are such a ubiquitous part of restaurant culture, that it can be hard to get waiters and waitresses to change their habit.

Read more in Healthy MT published by the Great Falls Tribune.

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