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{i love} the people you meet

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We were sitting in Chadz this morning when a gal came in and introduced herself to us. Her name is Ann and she recognized us from this blog. She had been living back east (Nebraska ;)) for three years while taking care of her dad. And reading my blog to remind her of Livingston (hi Ann!).

She so enjoyed looking at our pictures of the mountains and hot springs that she offered to buy me lunch. I felt so honored.

I think she commented once, but there is no easy way for me to go back through my comments and check. I’m just so happy she stopped in to say hi. You never know who is out there reading….

That’s one of my favorite things about this blog — the people I meet. I never expected to make friends online, but I have. And some of these people I’ve since met up with in real life. Technology can be cool.

(By the way, Ann’s back in Livingston and thrilled.)

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  1. I have made many friends online through my blog, and I have been able to meet them IRL as well. It is hard for other people to imagine, but I have some good friends that I have never actaully met! I love it!

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