The path to the ski photos -

The path to the ski photos

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Want to read all about our Maxey cabin ski trip? Then cruise over here.

If you have noticed that there aren’t as many action photos these days it is because our pocket-sized camera took a swim in the Yellowstone. We have another camera (two, actually) but I can’t carry it in my pocket. When I have ski poles in both hands and Finn on my back, it is almost impossible to access the camera.

Never fear, because now Verizon has the iPhone. I’ve been hearing about how great the camera is on that thing. We are hoping to budget one in some time this summer (I don’t know why I want one so bad, but I do. And it doesn’t help that I keep hearing how great it is from the folks around here that just got one.).

So, you may start seeing more trail shots in a few months. I know this has been a big concern for many ;).

But, I digress. Check out the story and pics from our ski trip. Here are a few that were too awesome to make it onto the other site.

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  1. I too am planning for an iphone…
    I have been told by my tech savy friends to wait until the summertime anyway when Verizon comes out with the iphone5. Something to factor into your purchase planning :)

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