The color of Easter -

The color of Easter

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A few days ago I wrote about having a “green” Easter over at Your Wild Child. I started phase one–knit the bunnies–on Thursday night, and it looks like they might be ready by tomorrow.

Phase two–use veggies and spices to naturally dye eggs–was this morning. I boiled up beets and cabbage (with vinegar and salt) and mixed up a pot of turmeric soup. The house smelled like sauerkraut. Despite the German heritage on my dad’s side, I hate sauerkraut. Stinky!

But it was all worth it when the kids got to dye their eggs.

It’s like watching eggs dye.

Finn was fairly aggressive about dropping his eggs into the dye, so most of his are a little cracked. But, he was done quickly!

Anders gets a little help from dad.

Waiting for the color to sink in.

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