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Teton Mystery — mystery spot in Jackson, WY

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Whenever I drive from Jackson to Hoback Canyon, the Snake River Canyon or beyond, I gaze with curiosity at Teton Mystery. I’’ve always wondered what it is. The sign out front doesn’’t help at all. “A wonder of nature!” and “…amazing!” it exclaims, but that doesn’’t tell me much.

Teton Mystery sign -- the mystery spot

So, I finally decided to stop and find out what the big sign was screaming about. I coaxed my friend, Heather, into joining me. She lives just a few miles from Teton Mystery and didn’’t know what it was either. On principle, she refused to stop at such an obviously ludicrous place. I, on the other hand, have no such principles.

Is Teton Mystery Open?

We discussed what our price point would be— — how much were we willing to be ripped off— — but never had to test our monetary fortitude. The place was closed. And by the looks of it, it had been closed for a while. Heather ran into the neighboring restaurant, Horse Creek Station, and asked about it and we were given the OK to hop the fence and take a look around.

The sign below didn’’t really help us understand what we were about to witness. I felt like I was entering an old timey carnival or something. It was spooky and weird, overgrown, and unloved.

mystery spot the mystery spot colter colter stone
What is Teton Mystery?

Despite the signage, it is an optical illusion. It’s basically a little building built on a steep hill. Since the building is crooked and you naturally stay straight, it looks as if everything is off kilter; as if gravity had fallen asleep in the job. (Read more about how Mystery Spots work.)

Teton Mystery near Jackson, WY is an alien vortex mystery spot

The crooked house made us both nauseous and we couldn’’t stop laughing because when you are there it looks so bizarre— even though we knew why. I don’t know if the pictures really do it justice, but if you are ever driving from Jackson to Hoback, stop by and ask if you can sneak a peak at the Teton Mystery.

teton mystery mystery spot the mystery spot colter colter stone Jackson, wy grand tetons wyoming
Other fun things to do at Teton Mystery…
What’s Happening at Teton Mystery Now?

I read somewhere that Teton Mystery is for sale on eBay. I couldn’’t find it; if you do, let me know!
Address: 9800 South US Highway 89, Jackson, WY
Admission: Closed—. Hop the fence for free— AFTER asking permission


July 2016Teton Mystery Site Approved for Homes (including some affordable housing)

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    1. No way! That’s so cool. I’d love to know more about Teton Mystery and its history. I guess they just tore down all the buildings at Horse Creek, and were talking about keeping the Teton Mystery building, but you can’t tell from the highway whether it is still there or not.

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