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Sweet Pea Children’s Run

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After finishing my work at the Bozeman Classic on Saturday, I met up with Henry and Anders and we walked down to the Sweet Pea Children’s Run.

This is a 1K fun run that takes place on Main Street. About 1,100 kids–plus their parents–took part in the race this year. Anders ran a little more than half of it and relaxed in the stroller for the rest.

While our time was a bit slow (around 25 minutes) Anders had a great time. He ran, he stopped and clapped for the spectators whenever they clapped for him, and felt free to rest and take water breaks as needed.

Children's Run starting line

1,100 kids and many more parents line up at the start of the run. Big kids (12 year-olds) start in front and strollers are relegated to the back.
Anders with number

Anders psyches himself up pre-race.
Runners marshal at the children's run

Some of our competition.
Mogie sprints

Mogie sprints towards our competitor.
Andy and baby

Our friend Andy tries to figure out how to use the Baby Bjorn. This is the second time today that this poor baby has been incorrectly stored in the Baby Bjorn.
Mogie and Anders on the curb

Mogie and Anders talk race strategy.
Big H takes a picture

The paparazzi are constantly stalking Anders.
Anders with horse

Anders chants, “I will run as fast as a horse!” “I will run as fast as a horse!” “I will run as fast as a horse!” “I will run as fast as a horse!”
Anders drinking water

You can’t go wrong with an oxygen and hydrogen energy drink.
Melynda, Anders and Henry at the Children's Run

Team SLOW at the starting line.
Anders claps in the Chariot

Anders applauds my strolling efforts.
Anders running

…and he’s out of the Chariot and running his own race.
Anders runs

Checking out the crowd.
Anders claps and runs

Always a good sport, Anders applauds his fellow runners.

The crowd roars as Anders flies by.

Time for a mid-race drink break.

Approaching the finish line.

A competitor tries to block Anders from finishing, but he will prevail…

…and we cross the finish line!

It’s only been 6 months since he started walking and Anders makes a P.R. in the 1K. Next year, with 1.5 years of walking and running under his belt, he plans to try to shave several minutes off his time.

The parade immediately follows the kid’s run, so after finishing we found a place in the shade and watched most of the parade. The theme was fairy tales. I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty.

Anders on dad's shoulders

Anders finds the best seat around for parade viewing.

The local animal shelter can’t make too fine a point on their stance about fixing your pet.

The only thing that could make this Museum of the Rockies float cuter is if Rigby were riding with the baby.

This kid drinks SO MUCH WATER! Check out his sweet blue ribbon.

Anders, Henry and Elliot take the parade very seriously.

I didn’t know whose chair this was, but I’d been up since 5am and figured no one would kick and obscenely pregnant woman and her kid out.

Wiped out after and early morning of flagging and running his first race, Anders relaxes and watches the parade.

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  1. The cookies have thwarted another commenter…Here’s what JoJo had to say:

    “Your photo and tale of Anders at Sweet Pea gave me the best full-on belly laugh I’ve had all summer. Thanks I needed that. Good to see the little guy wouldn’t let the girl with the freaky pig tails get in his way. Miss you guys. Waiting anxiously for the big day. Love, JJ”

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