Suce Creek Father's Day -

Suce Creek Father’s Day

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I’m going to start off by telling you that there are a lot of photos of flowers in this post. I hid a few pics of the kids in there so you’d keep looking.

On Father’s Day we went for a hike up our beloved Suce Creek. It’s close, it’s easy hiking and there’s a creek. Two, actually.

Hairy clematis

Prairie smoke

Heading down to the creek.

We are psyched to be out here!


Another beautiful day in paradise. The Paradise Valley, that is.

Why use the bridge when you can walk right through the creek?

Spring beauty.


We love throwing rocks.

We could do this all day.

So cute, Rigby is.

Finn checks out Diesel’s stick obsession.

Rocks in the creek.

After our walk we had lunch at Pine Creek Cafe–one of our favorite places to dine. Unfortunately, they ran out of pancakes right before we ordered. Anders handled it well. I was a little miffed. But, I got over it and we had a yummy lunch.

That afternoon H headed over the hill for photographing and dinner with his dad. Read all about it here.

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