Sock story -

Sock story

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When we were in California at the end of August, I had a sudden urge to start knitting again. I’m a seasonal knitter. I usually get motivated in the fall and lose interest in spring.

I know August wasn’t fall, but my biological knitting clock started ticking loudly enough that I dragged my mom (willingly) to a local yarn shop. I decided on a pair of socks so I would only have to buy a skein of yarn and one set of needles.

One small sock…

I made a beautiful, lacy, sock that would fit someone with shorter feet than I. After all that work–the pattern was somewhat intricate–I was frustrated it didn’t fit and thrust it to the bottom of my knitting bag. And I found a sock I made for Anders last fall. It wouldn’t fit him anymore, but if I made one more I could give them to Finn. So I did.

Finn’s fun socks.

You just want to relax when you wear these.

Now to go unravel the end of my too-small sock and get back to work.

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