So sad -

So sad

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At the risk of appearing heartless, I am going to show you some photos I took of Finn this week. He’s what our doctor referred to as “a spirited child.” While he’s often the first to flash an amazing smile, he does fall apart easily.

Here’s what happens if you tell him something he doesn’t like…

6 thoughts on “So sad”

  1. i want to laugh at these pictures, but i can’t! i say that only because i know those looks so well myself (and in our case, how long it takes for the meltdown to subside… which isn’t so laugh worthy). i have a spirited one myself, so i can totally relate. she is almost 6 and the crazy swing shave gotten less frequent over the years but when they happen, they still happen in a BIG way!

  2. I may be out of the running for mom-of-the-year after this, but what can you do? It’s not like this is a rare occurrence…I did comfort him after I took the photos ;)

  3. Yes! We have great pictures of both of our kids during super-sad crying jags. We don’t reach for the camera when they’re legitimately injured, only when they’re crying for no good reason. It’s fun to look back at them with the kids when they’re in a better mood. Fun for me, at least.

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