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{Homeschool Science} Snow Science

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snow science activities for kids
He can’t wait to do some snow science.

I’ve been trying to connect with other homeschooling families in our area. The people who are active on the local homeschool listserv seem to have older kids. We’ve been to a few events/get togethers, but our kids are by far the youngest.

With many of the boys’ friends starting kindergarden last fall, I really wanted them to get to know some other homeschooling kids. I want them to know there are other kids doing something similar to what we are doing.

When I couldn’t find those people, I decided to start a science/natural history class. We’ve only met once, but the plan is to meet once a month, somewhere outside, to explore and learn a little.

Homeschool Snow Science

I used the book The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder (buy now on Amazon) for inspiration. I’ll list the tools we used below.

Our first class was snow science. We dug a little snow pit (it would have been better if there was more snow), we looked at the layers, took temperature readings and tried to determine whether the snow was warmer near the top or closer to the ground. We tried to understand the history of the snow by looking at how hard/soft/icy the different snow layers were. There was a scavenger hunt, a couple other experiments, and a whole lot of running around in the snow. With three six-year-old boys, a nine-year old boy, four-year-old Finn and one little girl, it was a whole lot of crazy fun.

Hannah, AB’s mom and my friend, took some beautiful photos. Since I don’t really know the other parents, yet, I’m not posting too many photos of their kids, but know that Hannah took some really nice ones.

kids in the snow
How sweet is that little Finn face?
snow science for kids
Taking the snow’s temperature.
learning about snow for homeschoolers
I should have explained what the magnifying glasses were for.
kids playing in the snow
Our lone and brave girl, AB.
Tools for Homeschool Snow Science

Here are all the tools you need for your own snow science experiments. Some of these you probably have already. Click through to buy on Amazon the ones you still need.
The story of snow, snow activities for kidssnow shovel for digging a snow pit

This book provides lots of information and inspiration for running your own science experiments. Buy here.

A short-handled or telescoping shovel is ideal for digging a snow pit. Buy here.

snow thermometer for snow pits
Any thermometer will work as long as it measures below freezing temperatures. Be wary of battery-powered thermometers which may not work when they have been in the cold for awhile. And, you want the face to be sticking out of the snow while its measuring. Buy here.
snow pit card snow crystal cardloupe for looking at snowflakes
A loupe or magnifying glass lets the kids see snowflakes and snow crystals up close.
A snow crystal card lists guidelines for performing snow tests and provides the grids for examining snow crystals. Not necessary, but nice. Buy here.

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