Sledding, Playing and (not) Sleeping -

Sledding, Playing and (not) Sleeping

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Anders, Finn and I went sledding the other day. Fortunately we ran into Gwynne (our daycare provider) and her three girls. The older two girls pulled Anders up the hill for the first run.

We took about 4 runs down the hill and then played in the snow.

Approaching the sledding hill.

I’m Anders Coble Harrison. Who the $%$#@ are you?

Sitting in the snow.

Finn and I get ready to climb the sledding hill.

Another adventure I took with the boys was a visit to the Museum of the Rockies. We went to see the model train exhibit, which entranced Anders.

It made Finn sick to his stomach and he threw up all over me and the lobby floor. Gallons of puke. Then Anders got down on his hands and knees and crawled through it. Then we left. It was fun.

Lunch break at the Museum of the Rockies.

Careful when you poke a stegosaurus in the eye.

Watching the train go ’round.

This magical train goes underwater and past hot springs.

A few more shots, just because I can.

Playing with a Christmas present we hid in the closet for a week.

I’ll do anything for a little rest. Good thing we got one of the best baby cribs.

By the hammer of Thor, what is going on here?

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