Ski days -

Ski days

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A couple weekends ago I took the boys over to Homestake Lodge for a little kick and glide on the 35 km of ski trails.

It so happened that a group of women from Bozeman were spending the weekend there, and a couple of those women are good friends of mine; friends that I don’t hang out with much these days, but that I wish I did.

One of those awesome gals is Mariann. I was getting ready to ski, with the boys in the Chariot, and I couldn’t find Rigby. So, I left without him. “That’ll teach him,” I thought.

As we came around the bend (with me yelling Rigby’s name and the boys telling anyone we passed that we lost the dog) here comes Rigby and Mariann. He was so excited to see her that he had to ski with her. Perhaps he remembered all the times the three of us skied and hiked together.

Smart Rigby. Mariann offered to pull the Chariot and I got to ski most of the time free of effort.

Mariann, hard at work.

The next day I got to go skiing again. This time it was just me and my friend, Krista. We skied up Mill Creek (the Snowbank Road, actually). It was a beautiful day, a great ski and lots of fun catching up with Krista.

Krista and the Absarokas.

Krista’s dog, Gus. Our buddies didn’t go on this trip.

We finished the day with lunch at Chico and a soak.

Such a great weekend!

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