She's crafty -

She’s crafty

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Anders and I were feeling crafty last week. We started out the morning by making ice ornaments. Anders enjoyed pouring water into the containers, but he really loved squirting the food coloring in afterward. When I told him we could put a rock or pine cone in, he was really psyched.

Anders wasn’t sure what would happen when water got cold, so we got a little science lesson in there, too. (Hint: it turns to ice. Shhh!)

Having fun with food colors.

We didn’t stir the green dye, just to see what would happen. We’re sciencey like that.

We put the colorful, water-filled containers on a cookie tray and set it outside.

Finn was still napping (that boy does love to nap) so we decided to make some dog cookies for the animal shelter pups.

Showing off our cookbook.

Yummy pumpkin cinnamon biscuits.

When Finn woke up we ate lunch and then went down to the Stafford Animal Shelter and gave the dogs treats. Then we played with the cats. Sadly, my favorite cat was gone. It’s actually a good thing because someone gave it a home, but I miss him.

We left the ice ornaments outside a for a few days. They only need a few hours to freeze, but we get busy around here, so it took awhile to get back to our project.

Here are what the ornaments looked like when we brought them in.

The rainbow outside our door.

Pine cone in yellow.

Rockin’ the blue ornament.

Here’s Anders singing the rainbow song while we looked at his work.


That’s it.

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