Seeds make me happy -

Seeds make me happy

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Yesterday it snowed. I love snow as much as the next person, maybe more, but it did make me regret putting tomato and basil starts in the garden. I knew it was too early, but I wanted it to work. I think the tomatoes will pull through in their capsules of Wall O Waters. The basil, despite the green tubes, is probably a goner. No big deal, I’ll wait until Memorial Day and plant more.

Experimental tomatoes and basil stand strong (I hope)in the storm.

The real bad news that arrived yesterday is our VW Passat needs a new motor. Even replacing it with an used motor will cost about $6,000. (I did not add an extra zero, that’s the actual price; if you want to throw up a little go ahead.) The car is worth about $7,500, so I don’t see us fixing it.

Part of me is glad that we will be a one vehicle household. Less expenses, less impact on the environment. Part of me is sad to give up the freedom to go where I want, when I want. There will be some shuffling, but we’ll figure it out. And we can always rent a car for a day with all the money we are saving.

What sucks (sorry, mom), is that we had tossed around the idea of selling the car before it broke down and padding our coffers.

Anyhoo…I was feeling kind of down when a package arrived from my good friend Tiny Jen. Inside was a book:

Image from Amazon
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The book is about a little bear that gets a package from his gramps. Inside are five seed-related activities that help him learn about seeds, germination and life.

In addition to the book, Tiny Jen packed the stuff we needed to do the same activities as Buddy Bear. How freakin’ cute is that? I just love seed activities and I LOVE Tiny Jen. I know it was technically for Anders (just like our ant farm), and he will have so much fun with it, but I’m going to have even more fun.

So much fun and potential in a little package, just like a seed.

It really brightened by car-saddened day to get that.

Anders asked, “Will you take a picture of I and Finn eating muffins?”. Of course, I will.

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  1. I feel your car pain. We’ve had terrible luck with used cars. My dream is for my next car to be a brand new hybrid that won’t go to the shop for 5 years, minimum. Glad you got such an awesome care package!

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