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{Sedona} Palatki and Doe Mountain

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Welcome to Palatki


With our auras read, it was time to hit the trail. We started with a short walk at Palatki Heritage Site.

Palatki and its sister site, Honanki were the largest cliff dwellings of the Red Rock country between A.D.1150 – 1300. They were first described by Dr. Jesse Walter Fewkes, famous turn-of-the century archaeologist from the Smithsonian Institution, who gave them the Hopi names of Honanki (Bear House) and Palatki (Red House). The Hopi, however, have no specific names for these sites. source

Checking out the rock art alcove.

A pictograph of a girl with Princess Lea-style buns on the side of her head. That means she is about to be married.

Jen exits the cave house that the first white settler lived in while he was building his house.

Old water system.

I call this one “The Nose.”

Can you see the Sinaqua dwelling?

There it is.

More red rocks. Aren’t they pretty?



Doe Mountain

Hike number two was to the top of Doe Mountain, a mesa with views of the Verde Valley and all sorts of red rock formations.

Heading up the Doe Mountain trail.

The hikers

Jen works her way up the mesa.

Paintbrush and Jen.

Watch for sharp, prickly plants in the desert.


yellow lichen

Climbing up the notch and arriving on the plateau.

View from the top.

On the edge.

Taking a little rest.

An inuksuk!

…and that was before lunch.

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  1. @Debi- Yes! You should do it. And invite me ;)

    @Heather- No kidding. I’m worried I might go into shock from the rapid changes in temperature and environment. But it’s worth it.

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