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Run to the Pub

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Remember last fall when I became a runner? It’s been on the back burner for the winter. There was a run here and there, but nothing regular. Then, Meggan asked me if I wanted to do the Run to the Pub.

“Sure,” I thought, “I can manage a 5K.”

There was no 5K option. It was a 10K (6.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles). We chose the 10K. A couple months ago I ran a personal 10K to make sure I could do it. A month ago I ran 9 miles, to be extra sure. I love this new training regimen–one run a month and some working out at the gym. Totally doable.

Meggan drove us over to Bozeman for the mid-morning start (way better than those early summer start times). We caught the bus to the start at the base of the Gallatin Mountains, in the farmlands outside of Bozeman. Once you get dropped off there, you are committed. Then you run to a the 317 Bar in Bozeman. We like to run for beer, even when we can hardly finish one after a run.

There were close to 1900 people in the two races. Many people were in costume; almost everyone was wearing green. For the first race of the season, it was a pretty fun race.

Bussing to the start.

Ready to run.

Helicopter taking photos of the race.

I decided that I have no interest in ever doing one of these by myself. If I am going to run for an hour, I need someone to talk to, and be entertained by. Meggan and I chatted the whole way. We talked about other races we want to enter, things I am going to do before I turn 40, and how much we loved all the fun costumes. We also planned our outfits for next year.

Spreading out along the trail.

One of two bagpipers along the trail.

As we rounded the corner, just 100 yards or less from the finish, Henry and the boys were waiting with a sign. I almost cried, it was so sweet.

The finish line–thank goodness.

Meggan and I did really well, for us. We aren’t fast, but we were faster than we had been in the past. And we ran the whole way, While taking photos. We started with a 5K last year, moved up to a 4-miler and now a 10K. I guess we’ll have to do a 12K or half marathon next.

After the race.

I better start thinking about my training run next month.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And happy birthday to Big H.

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