Rock art on the Yellowstone River -

Rock art on the Yellowstone River

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Found art on the Yellowstone River.
Found art on the Yellowstone River.

A few days ago our local newspaper posted photos of rock art along the Yellowstone River. A fish with scales in pink, blue, and orange; a bison with a steely¬†eyeball, concentric circles stacked on each other…it all looked very cool, very Andy Goldsworthy-esque.

That evening our friends Erica and Michelle, and their tribe of children, invited us to bike down to Carter’s Bridge, not realizing that was where the art was. They do an outing each Friday as part of a Park County Environmental Council/Moms Clean Air Force initiative to get kids outside.

Hanging outside with friends, checking out cool nature art — it was the perfect combination for us.

We rode our bikes 4.8 miles down mostly-bike path to the Carter’s Bridge Fishing Access Site. It was into the wind on the way there, but once we arrived, the air quieted, the sun came out, and the kids had a blast playing in the sand, mud, and water. Did I mention it was over 50-degrees F? (Super ridiculous for February in Montana.)

The rock art was a fun find and even inspired one of the kids to create her own. The rest of them threw rocks in the river.Either way, it was a nice way to spend a too-warm February day.

Erica and Emmett add their bikes to the pile. Yes, Erica is toting two little bikes behind her giant, long-tail bike.
First order of business was lunch along the Yellowstone River.
Finn and fish.
This bison was about as long as Finn.
Mountains, kids, mud, river.
Kids admiring the swirly, flower-like mandela.
The very, airy horse.
Looking up the Yellowstone River, we realized there was a lot to work with for a rock artist.
This one could have been made by an alien. They like circles, right?
Clara added her own installation — a dog named after her new puppy, Blue.
The kid crew heading home.

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