Roasted tomato soup and popsicles -

Roasted tomato soup and popsicles

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It’s hard to imagine I get any work done, what with this cooking frenzy, but I do. Henry has been gone for a few days, so after the boys go to sleep I have few distractions.

Tonight I made blackberry-banana-kale popsicles. They’re just smoothie that I pour into (BPA-free) popsicle molds. Mmmmm yummy. We go through a lot of popsicles around here. My general recipe is:

rice milk
plain yogurt
additional fruit (berries, peaches etc.)
handful of kale, spinach or other greens

You don’t taste the greens, so why not throw them in and make the smoothie extra healthy? I make enough to fill our little molds and a glass for me.

These little gems go over like gangbusters. (Get it, they’re shaped like gems, you wear them like a ring…)

For the freezer I prepared roasted tomato soup. It wasn’t from Sunset, but it is super delicious. The 6 cups of cherry tomatoes look so cute filling the cooking sheet. I leave out the dairy for freezing and then add it later. I might not even add it to this soup since it is so good as-is.

Roasted tomato soup. I can hardly wait for winter.

All jarred up and nowhere to go. Except the freezer.

I have pictures of the boys and 900 sheep running down the main street of Reed Point that I hope to get to soon. Bare with me as I cook my way through our garden.

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