Review: Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree by Marghanita Hughes -

Review: Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree by Marghanita Hughes

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Do you ever have the best intentions of doing something and then take forever to actually do it? Even though it is something you want to do? So, it’s just me then.

Months ago, Marghanita sent me this lovely ebook to read and review. Months ago. And here we are.

Orange Moon and the Grandmother Tree is a beautiful book–both the text and the art. It’s a story of a little girl who goes for a walk outside and meets a man who has recently lost a beloved dog. And by lost, I mean it died.

Through the power of love and connecting with nature, the girl (called Orange Moon) helps the man come to terms with his loss. Orange Moon relates her own experience of losing her grandmother and how nature aided her healing process.

My boys both enjoyed the book and the pictures. I can see us bringing this out again when they lose someone they love to remind them of the healing power of nature.

Here’s the trailer to get you in the mood.


If you want to get your own download of this beautiful ebook, head over here.

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