Review: Headband - Wizbang -

Review: Headband — Wizbang

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My trusty Wizbang hat playing in the snow.

I’ve loved my Wizbang hat for a long time. It’s lightweight, it’s cute, and it’s perfect for cold weather activities when you aren’t super cold. You know what I mean–it’s snowy or cold, but you’re running or skiing or otherwise keeping warm. You need something on your head, but not too much. It’s always in my pack on backpacking trips to snug up in late at night or first thing in the morning.

When I bought my hat many years ago, it was the only style Wizbang made, and that was fine because it’s a rad hat. But now, they have a whole product line of functional, stylish headwear for adults and kids.

Recently, I became the proud owner of one of Wizbang’s headbands. It’s stretchy and lightweight, just like my hat, but without the top. I’ve been wearing it on early morning runs (don’t let the term “spring” confuse you; it’s more than brisk here until July 4). I took it to Peru and pulled it out on top of 15,500-foot passes and on an early morning at Macchu Pichu. Not only did I look super cute, but the material is just thick enough to keep the wind out of my ears and my noggin warm, but not so hot that I was uncomfortable. And when it did warm up, I just folded it in half and had a cute headband to hold my hair back.

Wizbang headband in Peru.

Wizbang hats are made in California and Montana, and their main office is located just over the hill in Bozeman. In the next year, they’ll be moving all their production to Montana. You know I love local stuff.

The band is 3.5 inches wide and fits heads as small as six-years-old. Trust me, I tried it on my son when my husband wasn’t looking. $15

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