Please pass the ketchup -

Please pass the ketchup

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Way back in April of 2010 we went to a birthday party for our friend Brooke. Since her birthday was the same weekend as the royal wedding, she used that as a party theme. So, we all dressed up like royalty. Of course, my clan was of the homemade-royalty variety.

When you have a crown, you’ve got to wear it. The next day we went Letterboxing at the Cherry Creek Recreation Area. Alas, the trail was closed and the letterbox was missing. Still, we had a nice walk in the rain and snow.

Ready to go, but humoring mom with a photo.

Dead end.

Wet, wet, wet.

You can write your own transition here, since I don’t have one. But, this is what happens when you put Finn on the toilet. I just hope he is out of diapers by the time he gets to high school.

For the record, we don’t force him to sit there. That was just one unfortunate incident.

The first weekend in May I drove down to Jackson, Wyoming to see friends and not take photos. On the way home, I went through West Yellowstone to Mammoth in search of bison babies.

Blurry, but super cute, bison calves.

Roaring Mountain.

Backside of Bunsen Peak.

It was still raining when I got back to Livingston. The boys and I donned bright clothes for a puddle stomping adventure.

Geared up and ready to splash.

The kids aren’t the only ones who rock the colorful rainwear.

Ketchup — catch up. Get it?

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  1. Don’t worry, by brother was almost held out of kindergarten for not being potty trained. Though he is still odd, he can now use the bathroom like a normal person. You also have this really great little bit of teenage embarrassment material. You can threaten, “Don’t make me tell them about how long it took to get out of diapers!”

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