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Please help!

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I’m putting this one back up so you don’t forget to vote for Donna. You have to register once–it only takes a minute–and then you can vote daily without having to register again. Vote early and vote often! Go here and vote for Donna (under the title “Lots of Love to Share”) to vote.

Last year my cousin Kristin and her family went through a really rough time. They’ve come out on the other side and are doing well. One of the things that got them through it was the help and love of family and friends.

One of those friends, one who really went out of her way, is in a contest to win a car. Kristin really wants her to win this car.

You can help by going here and voting for Donna (under the title “Lots of Love to Share”).

You have to register, but it is quick and it will really make a difference for Donna. The whole story is below, but if you are in a hurry, just go here and vote. You can vote everyday, so do! And tell your friends.

About Donna:

Many of you know the amazing work that Donna Riemer has done for decades for hundreds of people. For those of you that don’t know her you should. She is someone who gives constantly of herself to help others; whether it be her family, someone that she knows that needs help or a perfect stranger that needs a hand never asking for anything in return. Just to give you an idea of some of the things Donna has done…she stuck with her high school sweetheart when he was left confined to a wheelchair after a diving accident (they later married and have now been married 25 years), they adopted two children one of which they knew would likely have learning disabilities, she helped her children find their birth mothers removing one of them from a poor living situation and finding her an apartment to rent. In addition to home, Donna works as the compassion and women’s ministry coordinator for Alpine Chapel working with dozens of people every year who need help bringing them meals, coordinating arrangements and lending a kind ear. She has worked with many organizations donating her time including the national spinal chord association, Love Inc., Tri County pregnancy center and PADS. The word ‘compassion’ is at the center of who Donna is and that is why we are asking for your help!

Please help us win a Volkswagon Bug for Donna! Fox Valley Volkswagon in Illinois is holding a LoveBug contest from November 17-December 14, 2009. She passed the preliminary round in October but now the competition is REALLY on! You are allowed to once per day. Whoever has the most votes on December 14th wins the car…it is as simple as that! Also, please feel free to pass along this email to help spread the word! Together we can help her win! Thank you for your help! GOOOOO DONNA!

Here is the website for where you can vote (you do need to register but it is free and there will be NO solicitations as part of it).

Vote here.

Donna is under the title ‘Lots of Love to Share’

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  1. What a small world. I shop at the Tri-County Pregnancy Center thrift shop in Grayslake and I do laundry once a month for PADS through my son’s preschool. I’m voting every day now! (And I’ll be catty here and say that I don’t think the person in first place should win – Donna deserves it!)

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