Playing in the campground -

Playing in the campground

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Last weekend I was looking for a place to take the boys where I could push a stroller and have the dogs off leash. We ended up at the Pine Creek campground.

You can read about it on my other website. Here are a few additional pics.

When you tell Anders to smile, this is what you get.


We were not alone. There were tons of deer tracks in the campground.

Anders loves to play “campfire” so it’s nice for him to have a real campfire ring to play with.

Adding snow to keep the fire at bay.

Anders is making sure no one sneaks up on him.

Post-fire clean-up.

Diesel reluctantly looking up from the stick he was chewing on.

Lone rose leaf.

Towering rose. It’s almost as tall as the trees.

Stirring in it up.

The view down the Paradise Valley as we left the campground and headed home.

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