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Vintgar Gorge Slovenia

7 More Places to Visit in Slovenia

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Postonja Cave Slovenia
Postonja Cave

I asked fellow travel bloggers to share one of their favorite Slovenian places or activities.

To start, here are the cities, towns, and caves that we visited on our year in Europe. Be sure to click over those pages for all the details.

Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

Vintgar Gorge

 Vintgar Gorge SloveniaThe Vintgar Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Slovenia and also one of the easiest to visit. Located just a few miles outside Bled, it’s a great half-day trip and something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the area. Hikers start at one end of the canyon and traverse the towering limestone cliffs overlooking the Radovna River using wooden boardwalks. The gorge finishes in style with a dramatic waterfall and a cafe selling ice creams, the perfect place to rest before turning around to walk back. It takes about two hours to do the return hike, depending on how often you stop for photos! Some of the sections of boardwalk are quite narrow so it’s best to go in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds during the middle of the day. It’s not often you get to experience such a stunning setting with minimal effort, and is definitely one of our favourite places to visit in Slovenia.

By Heather from Conversant Traveller

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Bela Karjina

Bela Krajina SloveniaBela Krajina is one of the less visited regions of Slovenia, but it is worth making the effort to go. Located on the border with Croatia, at around 90 minutes drive from the capital Ljubljana, Bela Krajina is a wonderful place where it is possible to immerse oneself in nature and to get a real feel for the local culture and way of life. One of the nicest things to do in this beautiful region is hiking, searching for hidden treasures like an old mill, or even an archaeological site. The forest is thick and silent, and it is not uncommon to encounter wild animals such as foxes.

By Claudia from My Adventures Across The World

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Krasveka, Ljubljana

Krasveka Ljubljana SloveniaIf you’re visiting Ljubljana make sure you allow some time to visit Krasveka, a store in the centre of the city. The shop stocks only Slovenian produce and the owner is passionate about the products that she sells.

We sampled a few of the local specialties including biscuits, honey, and olive oil but it was the chocolate that won me over. Locally made, the chocolate comes with many different fillings including apple and cinnamon, and pumpkin seed. Delicious!

Other local products that you can buy at Krasveka include sausages, cheese, wine, schnapps, and pumpkin seed oil.

By Carolyn from Holidays to Europe

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St. George Church Bell Tower, Piran

St. George Church Bell Tower, Piran SloveniaThere is a charming little place in Slovenia called Piran. Slovenian seaside coast is only 42 km long, and this picturesque town is literally by the coast. Some use that to swim right from the road by the seaside or enjoy a tasty seafood meal in one of the cafés. Others park their yachts in the port by the stunning historical museum of Underwater Activities that lets you have a glimpse to the history of diving in the region. However, the most beautiful place in the town is at the top of the St. George Church bell tower. It has the views to take your breath away: beautiful Tartini Square, red roofs, and calm blue sea at your feet on one side, and a pebbled beach on the other side, as the town lies on the very tip of peninsula stretching out to the sea.

By Alina from Reverie Chaser

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Skocjan Caves

Skocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site SloveniaSkocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on the Italian border of Slovenia is an amazing place to visit. Well organized tours, in English and a smattering of other languages, leave the visitor’s center and hike down to the entrance of the cave. Here there is a short lecture about the history and geography of the caves, and then we were split into groups to descend into the earth. The first part of the descent was a bit narrow and claustrophobic, but not soon afterwards, we were rewarded with a huge cavern that boggles the mind. It was immense. The caves have been in constant use since megalithic times, and for centuries tourists have visited them. If you get the chance to visit western Slovenia, go to Skocjan!

By Corinne of Reflections Enroute

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Jezersko SloveniaOne of my favourite places in Slovenia is Jezerko, an Alpine valley located just 45 minutes from the capital Ljubljana, yet seeing only a fraction of visitors of places like Bled or Bohinj! Jezersko only has about 750 full-time inhabitants and it’s super quiet even in summer, and it’s a great place to enjoy nature and mountain activities, one of the main drawcards in Slovenia! There are lots of opportunities to go hiking in Jezersko, or you can try a via ferrata or climbing if you’re game. For something a little more relaxed, you can learn the ancient art of beekeeping or learn how to recognize edible herbs. The people of Jezersko are like one big family, and no doubt you’ll feel part of the family too, if you visit!

By Margherita from The Crowded Planet

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Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora SloveniaKranjska Gora in northern Slovenia is a ski resort in the winter months. Sarah Jane visited in August with her husband and teenage boys. She told mapandfamily.com about their holiday:

“ One sunny day we hired bikes in town and cycled to Italy… and Austria. In fact we went to Tromeja on the summit of Mount Peč, which is the junction of three countries: Slovenia, Italy and Austria. We took two pedal bikes and two electric bikes and swopped a bit through the day.

It took a couple of hours to reach the Tromeja summit, which is 1509 meters at the top. We started from the valley floor at 600 meters so it was a fair way up a very steep gravelled road. We had to lock and leave the bikes and walk up the last bit to the summit. It’s a winding path and the hairpin bends are numbered so you know how far you’ve got to go. There were 31 all together! But it was exhilarating to get to the top at last. We soaked up the brilliant views and enjoyed the achievement of cycling into another country.

By Nancy from Map and Family

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I polled fellow travel bloggers about their Favorite Places to Visit in Slovenia and their favorite things to do in Slovenia. From the alpine village of Jazerko to a Slovenian products store in Ljubljana, they came up with the best of Slovenia.

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