Pine Creek hike -

Pine Creek hike

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We do love hiking to Pine Creek Falls. And now that Anders can reliably make it up there on his own, I can take the boys any time I want. The sign says it’s only a mile to the falls, but it sure seems longer than a mile–even when I used to hike it alone.

This was a really nice day. Hiking is great for us, because we are all in a good mood and having fun together. On this day we started out bundled up and hiking in 30 degrees. By the time we were done, it was 55. That’s autumn.


View from the top of the slide.

Taking a break on the first bridge.

Finn on the move.

Anders waits for Finn and I to catch up.

Not a bad way to travel.

Climbing more rocks. You can’t keep a good kid down.

Crossing the bridge below the falls.

Pine Creek Falls. It’s kind of small this time of year.

I attempt a group photo.

Anders isn’t the only rock climber in this family.

Creek crossing.

Rose hip.

A snowberry that Anders later dissected.

He sleeps; he drools.

A fallen tree blocks the trail, but it is no problem for Anders.

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