Pine Creek hike -

Pine Creek hike

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We haven’t been hiking as much as I’d like this fall. I’ve been busy (and gone), but I hate when I let my favorite activity get de-prioritized. So, this day made me quite happy.

The trail to the waterfall is a little over a mile and gorgeous all the way. It’s one of the more popular trails, so we always see people. There was a group of 8 or so at the waterfall, climbing all over the place. That was a little much for me, but it explains why there are no waterfall pictures. (But you can see photos from last year here.)

Here we go…the traveling circus hits the trail.

Anders waits patiently for Finn and I to catch up.

All smiles.

We collected snowberries and rose hips for an upcoming art project.


Anders and Diesel march in time.

Waiting, again.

Watching the creek.

Finn walked all the way to the falls. I bribed him with a promise of a ride on the way back.


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