Pine Creek Falls, Water Table Stands, Flowers Bloom -

Pine Creek Falls, Water Table Stands, Flowers Bloom

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…and we headed up to Pine Creek Falls, about 10 miles south of Livingston in the lovely Absaroka Mountains.

Pine Creek Trail

Anders points the way up the trail.

Henry and Anders look down at the creek for the dogs.

Happily hiking.

Dr. Seuss plant.

Carefully crossing the bridge in front of Pine Creek Falls.

Anders dips his tootsies in the creek. Cold water, it is.

Cuddling and staring.

Diesel is as Diesel does.

Rehydrating along the trail.

Rigby wonders where his string cheese is.

Wild rose is just one edible plant I recently wrote and article about.

Diesey is pretty.

Stealing sunglasses right off dad’s face. Bold.

After the little hike we came home. Anders napped, I read and Henry worked. Then Anders and I had a late lunch and headed out to the yard for some fun with the water table. Henry came out and filmed a bit. Keep an eye out for the upcoming movie.

Toys are just as fun to chew on as to play with.

Getting something from the kitchen.

Ariel view.

Sipping water. Anders drinks from the water table as much as plays with it. Ditto with the bath. The boy is thirsty.

While Henry filmed, I took the opportunity to peruse my vegetable garden. The veggies are looking good, but I’m most enamored with the flowers. The sweet peas are blooming just in time for the Sweet Pea Festival (next weekend in Bozeman).

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