Pine Creek Falls Recess -

Pine Creek Falls Recess

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The calendar says January, but the outside temps feel more like May. We’ve had windows open during the day and sometimes leave the house without a jacket. It’s kind of nice, but I miss winter.

Fortunately, we just need to get a little higher to find snow and ice.

After an icy drive up to the Pine Creek campground, we met Erica and her three kiddos for a mid-day, mid-week walk to the falls. Think of it as homeschool recess.

The trail was icy much of the way (shakes fist at warm weather), but there was snow all around and no one seemed to mind the slipping and sliding. The kids slid down snow-covered rocks, stepped on slippery rocks in the creek, broke icicles off the waterfall, threw snowballs, and soaked their snowpants. There was fallen tree walking, frozen waterfall slides, and all that outdoor, unstructured play we always say we want for our kids.

This was the first time we’ve really hung out with Erica and kids, and it was great. All the kids instantly got along and it’s so nice for me to get to know a like-minded, homeschooling, outdoor gal.

It was well worth the sketchy drive up and down the hill.

Slide Rock

I was the only one not wearing red. Whoops.

Off-trail snow running.

Frozen Pine Creek Falls

“Can we climb the waterfall?” Sure, what could go wrong?

Pine Creek Falls in All Seasons

* Here’s what it looks like in spring.
* And in summer glory.
* One of our fall walks.

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