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Tomorrow I am going to buy a jar lifter. They are cheap and useful and I’m getting tired of scalding my arms and hands. Tongs just don’t do the job. I’m cutting myself a little slack since this is my first year canning and I have a lot to learn. However, how many time do I have to burn myself to learn to use the proper tools? Two or three times, apparently.

I have a big apple project coming up in the next couple days, complete with quart-sized jars, so I need to be on my game.

In the midst of splashing boiling water on my wrist I made some pickles. These pickles. I hope to get *Grandma Gies’ recipe next year, but this one looked pretty good. I don’t think you can go too wrong with dill pickles.

The only drawback is that they have to sit for two months to soak up all the dill and garlic goodness. Fortunately, I am an extremely patient person.

Lined up and ready to charge! (In two months)

Any other canning tools I should invest in?

*Grandma Gies isn’t my grandma, but I did spend Thanksgiving at her house one time. She’s my minute (pronounced “min-oot”, not like 60 seconds) friend Jen’s grandma.

4 thoughts on “Pickles”

  1. You are rockin’ on this canning! Grandma Gies would be proud! I would be happy to give you her recipe, although I used Sunset’s this year. I do love my jar lifter! We went to apple hill today and I bought a parer and corer (spelling?) I also spent forever making applesauce with little to show for it, this year will be different!

  2. Hey Melinda. I use my jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter and jar rack (which sits on the edges of the pot and keeps my jars where I want them) when canning. A good funnel is also important of couse. I can not imagine canning as much as you are this year but I remember my mom canning that much when I was a kid and we ate canned fruits and veggis all winter.

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