Passage Creek Falls trail -

Passage Creek Falls trail

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Anders has made a definite shift in the last couple of months into a hard core hiker. At least for a three-year-old. I’m aware that everything is a phase when kids are little, but I am relishing this hiking phase while it lasts (and hoping it lasts forever).

I’ve also discovered a little secret. My own personal motivation wrapped in a candy wrapper. That’s right, I’m bribing him with candy.

This hike to Passage Creek Falls (5 miles roundtrip!) was my first attempt at candy motivation. I learned the power of candy here. If these people, who are my personal heroes, motivate their kids to hike with candy, it must be ok.

In all fairness to Anders, he had been hiking like a champ already. But, it was the day after Halloween and I wanted to push it a little to see if we could make it 5 miles. It seems like the candy was more of a treat than motivation, but who knows. (It’s five M&Ms from the trailhead to the falls, if you are keeping track.)

When we arrived at the trailhead, I realized I forgot my backpack. Finn either had to walk or I had to carry him. Going home was not an option. Finn ended up walking 2 miles, which may have been a record for him. I carried him (on my shoulders, on my back, asleep) for three miles. At 30 pounds, he is getting a bit on the heavy side.

The hike was lovely, as always. We are all at our best outside. The area burned a couple years ago so the colors contrasted and the bridges were new.

Crossing the second bridge.

We must climb on every rock.

It turns out Finn does know how to walk.

…every rock.

And what Anders does, Finn does.

Lunch at the Wallace Creek trail junction.

I just realized that I take a photo of a rose hip on almost every hike we go on.

Atop another rock.

That snowy beast is Mt. Wallace. A friend and I climbed (walked up) it a year before Anders was born. It was 21 mile day and not that tiring. Now, I’m psyched to make it 5 miles.

Passage Creek Falls.

Rather than enjoy the falls, the boys throw rocks.

Rather than enjoy the falls, Diesel plays with a stick.

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  1. @Heather- yes, I do owe you some chocolate covered ginger for all the stories you tell me to keep me entertained.
    @ Jessica– I’m super hard core 😉 Or stubborn.
    @Chris–this hike was under a mile an hour, but we don’t always move so quickly. I think it was 3.5 hours for 5 miles.

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