Park day -

Park day

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It amazes me how fast Finn is growing up. Seems like it took 5 years for Anders to get to 7 months, but not Finn. Not that Finn is much easier (that myth about getting 1 easy baby and 1 hard baby–so not true). He wakes up multiple times each night, although last night he was only up 2 times between 11p and 5:30am–hopefully that is a sign of a trend.

One big milestone in any young boy’s life is when he transitions from the sling to a pillowseat in the Chariot. Finn made that transition this week.

Snuggling up in the stroller.

Between Henry filming a couple days and being sick for 5 days, the boys and I have had a lot of time together.

Some of the things we’ve done are:
Storytime at the Livingston Library
Watch the train
Talk about trains ad nauseum
Play at the Children’s Museum (with the train set)
Watch trains from the coffee shop
Feed ducks
Play at the park
Storytime at the Bozeman Library
Frolic at a Bozeman park
Swim at Chico (alone in a pool with 2 non-swimmers, that’s impressive!)
Jump in puddles

I didn’t take my camera to most of these activities since wrangling two boys is enough for me to handle, but here are a few photos from our outing at the park. (I’m always holding Finn so he gets left out of the pictures sometimes.)

As you may know Anders enjoys feeding the ducks. We’ve gone a few times this winter but prefer to wait for warmer weather.

Offering bread to the documentary crew. The best meals are the ones someone else prepares, even if it is stale bread.

Rigby wanted to eat the ducks, but instead got to pant in the 58 F sunshine.

Anders keeps an eye on the ducks and geese lest they sneak up on him.

Past experience shows that yelling at the birds doesn’t lure them in, but Anders doesn’t let past experience curb his enthusiasm.

A boy, a dog, a duck, a goose

If the goose gets any closer Anders is out of there.

After the ducks and geese were fed, we strolled over to the park.

Hopping out of the rowboat.

Running across the bouncy bridge.

Anders’ view of the slide. He is wary.

I coerce him to come down, offering to grab his hand mid-slide. While grabbing his hand, I bump his head on the slide. I’ve withdrawn my application for “mom of the year”.

Again, the dogs hang out and wait for us to finish playing. Someone has to guard the stroller.

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