One more idea for you! -

One more idea for you!

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I almost forgot another awesome gift idea!

You can buy cards or prints of some of my photos at RedBubble.

As you know by now, we are planning on hitting the road next summer. To make that possible we are looking into revenue streams that don’t involve us being in one specific place. Here’s one of those streams. There are flowers and horses, too.

I’ll stop with the sales pitches soon.

2 thoughts on “One more idea for you!”

  1. Hey Mel~
    I work exclusively from the computer and it is rather rad. I currently write for The company has been around forever and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sometimes I have to force myself to do it and not go play, but it is great. I worked while we road tripped to Georgia quite easily.

    Internet Brands is the company. They don’t pay much to their writers, but they are so highly formulaic that it really doesn’t require much research or thought. I can write a 500 word article in 15-30 minutes and it pays $10. A 200 word article pays 4 dollars and that takes maybe 5-10 minutes. Also, it is freelance but your name is not attached to it so you do not need self employment liability insurance.

    They are currently hiring. I like it for the low key atmosphere and the fact I have never seen a person, had to talk to a person, and can be anywhere in the world and work. They either direct deposit or pay in check form.

    If you are interested, drop me a line. Granola.Girl AT

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