Not my job -

Not my job

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Taking wildflower photos is my job.

Henry and I share a lot of tasks around our house, but there are some jobs we’ve divided between us. I plant and maintain the gardens, he mows the lawn. I do most of the cooking, he gets things out of the high cabinets. I’m in charge of adventure planning, he loads the car. When never talked about it, it’s just how it worked out.

There are a few other things that are decidedly his purview. Right now he is camped on an ice floe in the Arctic (this is not a metaphor) and those tasks have fallen to me. I wish they hadn’t.

Henry is in charge of tech in our house. My email stopped working last Wednesday and it still hasn’t spontaneously fixed itself. I may have to look beyond the marital bed for help.

Even more distressing is one of our chickens died. It was Ninja. She just croaked and I have no idea why. We (I) always said I would take care of beginning of life–raising the cute chicks— and H would take care of end of life. I was really missing my sweet husband as I was pulling a stiff chicken out of the coop, in the rain.

At least the cat is alive. Here, Mr. Finklestein puts on his famous “Fat Tummy Show.”

Anyway, that’s not all that’s going on around here.

Stuff I did when I wasn’t here

I am stealing this idea from the Bloggess who writes a weekly round-up of her non-blog writing. I’m not prolific enough to do that, but I have a few stories to share.

We have a growing trail system in our little town, and I love getting out and exploring it. I wrote about six local trails here on the blog, and reworked it just a bit for Outside Bozeman. Don’t read the title or you’ll have that song stuck in your head for hours.

I also wrote a piece about savoring summer slowly for Outside Bozeman. Here’s the longer, unedited version. Now, I just need to remember my proclaimed priorities and slow down.

We might be losing westslope cutthroat trout forever and I wrote about it’s hybridization with rainbow trout (another casualty of global warming) on Daniel J. Cox’s Natural Exposures website. It brought one climate change denier out of the wood work and into the comment section.

You’ll need a drink after reading about trout, so here’s a piece about a new cider house in Bozeman, penned for the Great Falls Tribune. Cheers.

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