My favorite tea shops in Montana -
Favorite Tea Shops in Montana

My favorite tea shops in Montana

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My favorite hot tea shops in Montana

I love tea. Black teas, green teas, herbal teas, even a rooibos on occasion. So, whenever I am in another town I look for a teashop. I almost always buy an Earl Grey, but I often branch out (a little) and try what the tea expert/proprietor/dude behind the counter recommends.

Here are my favorite teashops in Montana, in no particular order. If you know of others, spill the beans (or leaves) in the comments.

I’’ve also listed my favorite tea from each shop, but I haven’’t tasted nearly all the teas from any shop, and I have a strong preference for Earl Grey.

Boston Harbor {Billings}

Boston Harbor sells over 300 types of loose-leaf teas, herbs, and spices. They also have a teahouse for on the spot drinking and a tea garden in back. Plus, lots of accessories–—teapots, strainers, etc.

The shop is amidst a bunch of strip malls and bland stores on one of Billings’ busy streets, but is charming on the inside. Keep an eye out for the big black shop dog, Bob.

The owner writes, “Boston Harbor was created to help others. “Through various mishaps with western medicine I decided it was time for a change and to take my health in to my own hands. I then found a homeopathic that changed my life. He opened my eyes to what the other side of what supplements and medicines mask. That is what led me to find herbs which I had good success with and wanted to share with everyone.””

They hope to have a website by July to sell tea online. Currently, you can order tea over the phone. UPDATE: They now have a website!

My favorite teas: Earl Grey Bush (rooibos) and Rose (black).
Find it: 1028 Broadwater Avenue, 406.248.1075

canisters of black, green, white and herbal teas on shelves
Nature’s Topicals and Teas, Inc. {Helena}

UPDATE: This shop cosed.

This cute shop sits on the walking section of Last Chance Gulch across from a yarn shop and up the road from Big Dipper Ice Cream. It’’s a trifecta of things I love.

The woman who was working the three times I’’ve been to Nature’s Topicals is so nice, and really friendly with the boys. In addition to teas, they sell skin care products, and tea accessories. And they don’’t mind if you bring your own containers to bring tea home in.

Order tea online if you can’t make it to Helena.

My favorite teas: Earl Green (green), Earl Gray Lavender (black), and a special Valentine’s blend they only sell in February (black)
Find it: 436 North Last Chance Gulch, 406.443.3671

Valentines tea blend from closed Helena tea shop
Butterfly Herbs {Missoula}

I’’ve been frequenting Butterfly Herbs since I lived in Missoula in 1994-95. Now every time I’’m in Zoo Town I make a stop there.

Butterfly Herbs was established over a quarter century ago to provide whole herbs and bulk teas to Missoula and the northwest region. Over the years they have become the largest bulk tea and herb source in the Northwest. They have also branched out to include bulk spices, brewing accessories, hand-made jewelry, gifts and the largest collection of freshly roasted whole bean gourmet coffees in the region.

Missoula’s oldest Espresso Bar and café makes up the back of the store.

Order online, or look for their teas in stores around the Pacific Northwest. Or go to Missoula, there is a lot to do there.

My favorite teas: Montana Gold (herbal) and Morning in Missoula (herbal)
Find it: 232 North Higgins Avenue, 406.728.8780

This shop is a nice combination of tea, books, toys, and games. Of course, there are plenty of tea accessories, and loose-leaf sold in bulk. The best part is that they have a whole menu of Earl Grey teas and they are all delicious.

The kids like the shop because it is so close the Candy Emporium. We also like many other activities in Red Lodge.

You can shop online for both teas and books.

My favorite teas: Coyotes of the Purple Sage (black), Jasmine Earl Grey (green), and Green Darjeeling (green).
Find it: 11 North Broadway, 406.446.2742

Red Lodge Tea and Books, tea shop and bookstore
Townshend’s Tea Company {Bozeman}

This is Montana’s newest tea shop, as far as I know. I’ve been given gift certificates to this lovely establishment for several Mother’s Days. It rates right up there with garden store gift certificates as my favorite gifts.

Townshend’s has several locations in Oregon, but this is it’s first Montana storefront. Since Bozeman is a college town, the shop is packed with studying students in the week or so before midterms and finals, but otherwise there is usually an open seat.

In addition to 100+ loose leaf teas: chai, classics, herbal-medicinals, rare finds, bubble tea, the store serves their own kombucha on tap and in bottles.

My favorite teas: Lavender Fog (Earl Grey lavender with steamed milk), Blue Flower Earl Grey (black), and Jasmine Harmony (green).
Find it: 402 East Main Street, 406.577.2740

Tumblewood Teas {Big Timber}

Tumblewood Teas does not have a storefront, but their teas are sold across the state and online. There is a great story on The Last Best Plates, so you can check it out there.

My favorite teas: Chico Cherry (rooibos), Earlie Grey Dawn (black, organic)

2 thoughts on “My favorite tea shops in Montana”

  1. Hey Mel,
    I had heard rumor that a new tea house is opening on Main St. in Bozeman, but couldn’t find anything about it online. But I did find this “Tea Map,” which is sort of interesting:

    My middle boy and I love the Montana Huckleberry tea from the Co-op. Another fave is the Immuni-tea served at Zocalo. It’s an infusion of fresh ginger, yerba mate tea, lemons, cayenne pepper and honey…So good I make it at home now.

    Thanks for the inspiration to try some new places!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! They have a delightful Earl Grey at the Coop, too.

    I liked the Green Tea House in Whitefish, but it looks like it closed.

    Cool list of tea shops. I might need to take a roadtrip.

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