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My 2 cents

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I have two things to say today: Yeah for an Obama victory!!! I know I have a few readers who are not fans of our president elect, but for the rest of us it feels like a new day.

Not to be too overstated, but finally a president we can be proud of. Like he said in his speech, we have a long road ahead of us and it won’t all be rainbows and daisies (the rainbows and daisies are my words, not his), but I think the country is rejuvenated and ready to get to work repairing our economy, getting out of Iraq and restoring our standing in the global community.

The second issue of the day is that I now hate daylight savings time. Well, I don’t hate it, but I hate that Anders did not get the message on the time change and is getting up at the crack-of-before-dawn every day. Sunday it was 5 am, yesterday 4:45am, today 5am. I am going to have to start a Pika call on this blog for Anders. H and I are feeling a little tired.

Any tips for making a 21 month-old with a ton of energy sleep? Putting him to bed later does not help. Yelling “Go to sleep” from our bed does not work. Now that he is getting an hour less sleep at night he is falling asleep while eating lunch. Henry had to wake him up the other day to get him to swallow the bite of sandwich in his mouth!

I know I said there were only two things to say, but here is one more: H put up a bunch of photos at his site. Surf on over.

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