Mt Rushmore...not much of a rush -

Mt Rushmore…not much of a rush

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Henry calls it a state-sponsored tourist trap, but we were both glad we went. That way we know that we don’t ever have to go back.

It wasn’t that bad, it’s just….I don’t know, a lot of granite carved out of a mountain and made into a big patio.

Still, we had fun, of course. Because what would be the point of not enjoying ourselves? And it was kind of interesting. And the Black Hills are gorgeous. And the ice cream was yummy and plentious. Yes, I said plentious. And there were a few wildflowers, which makes any stop worth it in my book.

Entering the parking garages, we thought we might be at the airport.

All the presidents’ men.

Walking the paved Presidents Trail.

No, he’s not an orphan; that’s our kid.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Wild bergamot

Looking into the Black Hills.

A little rock tunnel…

GW from the tunnel.


There was a hail storm while we were there. We were able to get inside and watch the deluge. Then we played in the hail.

Anders and Finn became Jr. Rangers.

The ice cream was so huge (even though I requested “very small,”) that it hit the brim of Finn’s hat when he took a bite.

After our Mt Rushmore visit we went back to a great Forest Service campground between Mt. Rushmore and Jewel Cave. Comanche Campground was named after a horse that the Seventh US Calgary stole from the Comanche tribe. It was the only member of the US Calgary unit that survived the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Mariposa lily

Wild onion

Anders and I went on a little walk and checked out the pine cones. Ponderosa pine cones, that is.

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2 thoughts on “Mt Rushmore…not much of a rush”

  1. I have quite a few friends who say this place is amazing – but I’ve never understood the attraction. Thanks for sharing your take – I think I’d have been more fascinated by the flowers & pine cones, too. But I’m sure we’ll make it there one day! 🙂

  2. The coolest thing about Mt Rushmore is that it is surround by so many other great natural places. The Black Hills are amazing, I can’t wait to get back and hike and explore–both above and below ground.

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